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Spiritual Abuse
Excellent web site providing support to current or former members of abusive, Bible-based churches.  Contains articles, testimonies, issues and a recommended reading list. 
Christian Challenge International

A non-denominational, evangelical ministry dedicated to training Christian disciples to serve in all areas of ministry.  Excellent resource for Bible studies and research relating to Early Church beliefs, teachings and practices.
In Christ Alone!
Web site of Bernie Gillespie, a former UPC minister and his ministry, In Christ Alone.

Discussion Groups

Membership Required

Companion to Support group for current or former United Pentecostal Church members and those that have experienced spiritual abuse. Moderated by a former United Pentecostal Church minister.
Membership Required
Discussion group focused on Early Christianity and it's Hebraic origins. Moderated by a former United Pentecostal Church minister.

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